Why Is Community Inclusion Important?

It is perfectly natural for everyone to want to be part of a community. You are probably part of several different communities: the neighborhood where you live, work, and maybe at school. Everyone not only wants this, but needs and deserves it. Adults are not the only people who want and need to be included in a community. Children long for a sense of belonging.

At Interchange, we truly believe that everyone belongs. All people, including those with disabilities, deserve to have a good life, and that is our mission: to ensure that it happens. There are many reasons why community inclusion is essential. All of these come together to make everyone, especially Western Australians with disabilities, belong. Get more details on community services visit https://ontracktasmania.com.au/careers.

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Network with others

One of the best things we can all do is network, whether it's to find friends, business connections, or other people who can help us with anything we want to do in life. Whether you're a client or a volunteer, you can network at social events through WA disability organisations and grow your life by growing your relationships with others.

Learn from others

If there is something that each person must do on a daily basis, it is to learn. When someone is not included in a community, their learning opportunities decrease. Along with other WA disability organisations, Interchange encourages and supports people with disabilities to help them not only learn through day-to-day interactions, but also through post-school education.