What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is a concrete finish that is highly polished. It has a high sheen and a smooth surface. It is most commonly used on floors. This finish has a lot going for it. It hides stains, lasts longer than paint, is easy to clean, and does not have to be painted. 

Polished concrete is most commonly found in homes and commercial buildings that are more high-tech looking. The most common reason for using polished concrete floors is to update the appearance of an older floor. There are many different types of Polished Concrete Finishes. You can avail the benefits of polished concrete service at https://concretepoxy101.com/.

There are three main types of polished concrete: chrome, diamond and satin. In addition there are also four sub-species of polished concrete finishes: gloss, lustral satin, semi-gloss and gloss super-sheen. 

Chrome concrete – This finish has a high sheen with some roughness to it. It is often found on older homes and commercial buildings. 

Diamond polished concrete – This finish has the same appearance as chrome but has a silky smooth surface. It is most commonly found in commercial buildings. 

Satin polished concrete – This finish has an almost mirror-like look to it. It can be found on older homes, apartment buildings, and offices but not on residential ones as it looks more high-tech than on residential floors.