Best Indoor Plants For Low Light

Indoor plants that are low-light are the ideal solution. They prefer to be in dark areas instead of "having your day in sunlight" or in places with direct sunlight. The following list of your top indoor plants which won't make you think of a doctor's visit (not even a tiny bit).

What is low light for plants?

"Low sunlight" is defined as not having more than four hours of sunlight per day. Low-light plants do well in north-facing windows or rooms that get shade from the trees. Indoor low-light plants don't require direct sunlight. You can buy the best zanzibar plant via

zanzibar plant

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Top Indoor plants to use to grow in low light

ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

ZZ plants (also called Zanzibar treasures) are very easy to maintain since they do not require to be watered regularly only when the soil has dried up (make sure not to allow the plant to stand within water).

If you don't provide the better, as overwatering can lead to the stems becoming turn brown. ZZ plants are not fond of bright sunlight, but do well in dry and dim conditions, which makes ZZ plants the ideal office plant.

Ferns (Pteridophytes)

When you think of interior plants which thrive under dim sunlight, ferns are highest of all. Ferns prefer to reside in shady areas, avoiding off direct light. If you want to take care of your fern, make sure to ensure that they are getting sufficient water.