Bathroom Tile Installation Errors To Avoid

The tile work can greatly affect the look and feel of your bathroom. That’s why you should consider a replacement when most of the tiles are already cracked, or when the grout is displaying signs of mold and mildew. Before starting work on this project, however, you’ll want to make sure you have all bases covered.


These include learning some of the common mistakes involved with the task. You can contact one of the area’s leading shower installation companies via to help with your tiling project.

Laying the tiles before preparing the surfaces.

Make sure the surfaces where you’re installing the new tiles are clean and smooth. You should also remove any stains, coatings, and fingerprints on them before tiling. Otherwise, the adhesive–and the tiles themselves–will not adhere to the walls or flooring properly.

Using improper underlayment.

It’s important that your bathroom tiles stay flat to create a lovely, seamless look. This means ensuring the tile underlayment is installed correctly. Having a sturdy base to lay the tiles on also reduces the potential for cracks in the tile and grout.

Realizing and fixing mistakes too late.

If this is your first time tiling your bathroom, you should probably expect to see some awkward spots here and there. You’ll want to keep a close eye on things to prevent mistakes, such as misplaced tile, so you’ll have an easier time fixing them.

The last thing you want is to undo the work you’ve completed in the last few hours. But if you’re not particularly confident in your tiling skills, you can always turn to one of the premier shower replacement contractors in the area for assistance.