How to use a Paycheck Stub?

A paycheck stub, also known as a payslip, is a document that lists the name of the employee, their pay date, and the total payment they received. Paycheck stubs can be helpful in understanding your company's payroll process and tracking your own paychecks.

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A paystub is a document that employers use to track employee salary and wages. A paystub can include information such as the employee's name, social security number and hourly wage. Paystubs can also be used to calculate overtime wages, compensatory time.

Paystubs are an important part of your payroll system and can help you keep track of your earnings and deductions. 

Here's how to use a paystub: 

1. Find your paystub. Your paystub may be on the front or back of your paycheck, or it may be in an envelope with your other tax documents.

2. Look for the line that says "Wages and tips." This is where you'll find your hourly wage, along with any tips you received that day.

3. Check the date to see when you were paid. You can also find this information on the paystub itself or on the envelope it came in.

4. Subtract any taxes that apply (such as Social Security or Medicare taxes) from your gross earnings.