A Brief Introduction of ozone Water Sterilizer In Canada

UV disinfection is an environmentally friendly and globally recognized sterilization method. In contrast to other processes, it is purely physical, i.e. it does not cause secondary contamination or change the chemical and physical properties of the material.

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For this reason, UV water sterilizer has been widely used in the drinking water industry, beverage factories, food installations, sewage treatment plants, semiconductor enterprises, pharmaceutical and military industries, etc.

Good results are always obtained from this business practice. The UV sterilizer not only functions as a sulfur dioxide generator, but is also easy to protect and operate. In addition, the price is much lower than other methods.

The UV water sterilizer receives UV-C rays from a specially developed durable UV-C light generator, which is highly efficient and effective for irradiating water.

Cell DNA and structure of bacteria and viruses are damaged and cells cannot regenerate if bacteria have been exposed to a certain amount of UV-C light.

This is how you achieve your goal of disinfecting and filtering water. In addition, the spectrum with a wavelength of 185 nm makes it possible to decompose organic matter molecules in water and obtain chemicals to convert organic matter into CO2, thereby achieving the goal of TOC elimination.