How do Medicare Collection Agencies Work With Nursing Facilities?

Chronic illness and disability lead to a variety of additional needs that people may or may not be able to provide for themselves. This may require assistance from a skilled nursing facility in order to maintain their health, but which Medicare collection agencies are usually required by law to contract with these facilities?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program that provides coverage for Americans aged 65 and over who have certain disabilities. Eligible individuals will pay a monthly premium and receive Medicare benefits once they reach the age of 65 and meet the criteria to be considered an "aged person".

Unfortunately, even though it's designed to help old people, the program sometimes doesn't cover some medical costs for people with disabilities. This is where Medicare collections companies come in. These companies act as agents for those who have trouble collecting from the government.

Medicare has a great network of managed care providers that make it possible for the government to provide affordable health insurance coverage to millions of Americans. Skilled nursing facilities are an important part of Medicare's network.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services have set up a risk-adjustment program that takes in money per patient per day and provides refunds to hospitals and skilled nursing facilities that exceed their individual targets. This system is meant to keep costs down and make sure everyone pays at least their fair share.