Tips To Book A Egyptian Dahabiya Tour

It is magical to explore the amazing Wonders of Ancient Egypt from a traditional Egyptian boat. Relax under the sun and enjoy the wonderful sights, sounds, and smells of Egypt. It is a rewarding and satisfying experience to sail on the Nile River, enjoying the blue skies and green valleys.

Dahabia/Sandals Nile cruises offer comfortable accommodation and delicious meals. They are built on the tradition of Old Egyptian sailing boats. If you want to take a tour in Egyptian Dahabiya, then you may browse

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Dahabia offers the best opportunity to enjoy sun, fun and history while also enjoying hikes on land. You have two options: you can relax in your bathing suits all day, take in the sun and enjoy the delicious food and drinks, or you can engage in more exciting activities such as visiting the Temples and local markets.

You will also visit Wadi El Shat Sail For Edfu on the second day and the temple of Horus which is the most well-preserved temple in Egypt. You will set sail to a small island, where the boat will anchor for the night. Later stops will take you to smaller villages and the desert. Dinner will be served either on board the Dahabiya, or on the serene banks of the Nile. Second night aboard.

After breakfast, sail to Draw. Take a guided tour of the authentic camel market. Stroll down the dusty streets to reach the lively and colourful souks. You will be able to meet the Nubians at El Loubani and learn more about their way. You'll spend the night at the Dahabiya at the end of the day.