Unlock Innovation in Human Resources

Unlocking innovation represents a powerful opportunity for HR to contribute to and even drive an organization’s competitiveness. Generating and executing disruptive innovation in human resource management is also a factor affecting an organization’s long-term survival. 

HR innovation

An environment that supports creativity can also raise employee engagement. If you work for an organization that squashes new ideas and thinking, it isn’t engaging. HR professionals play a critical role in creating a culture of innovation. 

Here are steps you can take to help your organization ignite ingenuity: 

  • Understand the Process

Innovation is a process, and brainstorming is just the first step. Ensure that executives have realistic expectations about what innovation might deliver. HR can set quantitative goals and devote appropriate resources toward achieving them. 

  • Hire Differently

While specific job skills can always be taught, soft skills that are associated with creativity can be harder to find.To discover candidates with the requisite skills, rethink interview questions. Ask candidates whether they’ve ever come up with a great idea and what happened with it. Making the ‘safe hire’ kills a lot of innovation.

  • Make Space

A dedicated area that moves people out of their day-to-day work environment, disrupts their thinking and encourages face-to-face interaction can be vital to sparking innovation. Comfortable workspaces with couches, tables and lots of pods where people can gather in small groups, as well as resources that will help people capture ideas, like smartboards, whiteboards and tools to help people depict their ideas.