Is It Time to Look for a New Financial Advisor?

If you are currently working with a financial advisor in Cardiff, you'll want to read the following scenario. While we all would like to believe that our investments secure our financial futures, this is not always true.

The story goes that an individual or a company hires a financial advisor in Cardiff to invest certain funds, with the idea that this money will grow over a particular time. The market is performing well overall, but the individual notices that his investments aren't performing as well as he expected.

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The client is apprehensive about the monthly statements and turns to his advisor to get answers. The advisor who once was friendly and helpful suddenly seems unsure and is unable to answer the client's questions with the same confidence he had when he first started to manage the investments.

Reality Check

Do you think the above scenario is something you would recommend to your financial advisor? This is unfortunate but it happens more often than we would like. It may be time for you to leave your once confident and helpful financial advisor in Cardiff. These are some other indicators that you may need to find a new financial adviser.

Is your financial advisor no longer available? Reputable financial advisors should continue to be available to answer your questions, explain your investments and answer any fees.

An expert is someone who doesn't know more than you. Many financial advisors only have the title but lack the experience. It may be time for you to leave your current advisor if you are more knowledgeable about your wealth, investments, and financial plans than your current advisor.