Is Superfood Dark Chocolate Good For You?

People want to know if chocolate can be enjoyed without the fattening side effects. Even better, they want to know if chocolate (or at least dark chocolate) can have health benefits. Depending on the quality of dark chocolate, it is lower in calories. 

Dark chocolate typically has less cocoa butter than lighter chocolate. This means that dark chocolate is worth one point. Look for some benefits of dark chocolate via accordingly. 


Milk chocolate is also known as light chocolate. It contains milk that lightens the chocolate's color and makes it more delicious. Flavonoids, which are antioxidants, are the main health benefits of chocolate. 

Flavonoids are believed to reduce blood pressure and increase blood flow by producing nitric oxygen. It can also reduce bad cholesterol. Studies have shown that milk can destroy antioxidants. This means that dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate.

Dark chocolate is still chocolate, but it's high-calorie- and high-fat. Light and dark chocolate have different amounts. To get the flavonoids, you should consume a small amount of dark chocolate each day (or every other day) to be able to enjoy it. 

Extra will prove counterproductive. The daily intake of this amount has been the basis for all studies that have tested the benefits. Remember to reduce the intake of calories by consuming other snacks. 

People taking antidepressant medication that contains monoamine oxidase inhibitors are advised to be cautious as they should avoid tyramine (a chemical found in chocolate). The moral of this story is to eat everything in moderation. It is okay to indulge in other types of chocolate occasionally, but only moderately.