Steps To Clean Your Commercial Refrigerator

In food service establishments that rely on cleanliness, overcrowded, disorganized, and dirty refrigerators can be a serious problem. Dirty refrigerators can not only cause bacteria to breed, but they can also cause your refrigerator to use more electricity and shorten its life. You can also look for the best industrial refrigeration cleaning service through various websites.

Restaurants that operate only as export and delivery services or are completely closed due to COVID-19 can take this opportunity to thoroughly clean and organize their refrigerators and freezers. In this blog post, we will show you step-by-step instructions on how to clean and organize your commercial refrigerator, cabinet, or freezer!

1. Discard expired or moldy food

Perishable products can easily be lost in the mix by sliding or hiding them behind other items in the large refrigerator. Don't store anything you suspect is tainted – it's not worth the risk of making the customer sick.

Opened boxes and jars are other offenders that you should consider throwing in the trash. Food or other materials that you haven't used in months (or that you won't be using in the next few weeks) should also be thrown in the trash or recycling bin.

2. Disinfect with a Sanitizer

Bacteria and mold can build up in the refrigerator over time, so it's important to disinfect surfaces with a sanitizer. Make sure you use a food-grade sanitizer because you will end up putting things back in the cooler module. Since you've already washed the inside, there's no need to over-disinfect. 

Advantages Of Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Commercial refrigeration maintenance normally isn’t that the top of most restaurant manager's list of things to do, but many hazards can arise without preventive equipment maintenance. 

When kitchens and grocery stores are functioning correctly, it's understandable that you shouldn't dwell on unforeseen breakdowns, dangerous mold growth, and reduced energy efficiency.  You can also get the best commercial refrigeration maintenance services via

But even when refrigeration equipment appears to be cooling perfectly, regular maintenance of the refrigeration service is the key to continued success.

1. Commercial refrigerator maintenance saves energy

Refrigeration maintenance can identify problems such as clogged drainpipes and loose seals that can affect the efficiency of your cooling system and increase your energy costs before a commercial refrigerator repair is required. 

If you maintain your commercial refrigeration appliances regularly, you won't have to work as hard to provide the amount of cooling needed to keep your food at the right temperature.

2. Maintenance of commercial refrigerators extends the life of kitchen appliances

Refrigeration equipment is an expensive investment required for a business to function properly, so obviously you want to keep it running as long as possible. 

Regular preventive refrigerator maintenance is key to keeping kitchen appliances and grocery store fridges clean and reliable, and you don't have to worry about damage ruining your business overnight or longer!