Reasons to Choose Windshield Repair

If you find small rock chips on the windshield, there are two options. The first is to ignore it until the rock crack turns into a large crack that requires a windshield replacement.

The second is to repair the windshield chip. 

Here are some reasons to choose an auto windshield repair before replacing your windshield. 90% of windshields are repairable – statistics show that 90% of small cracks and sawdust can be repaired. It is rare that the windshield is not repaired.

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However, repairing the windshield is often a more cost-effective option than replacing the windshield due to the obstructed view.

No Water Leakage – Water leaks can be a problem for those of you who need to do a windshield replacement. Repairing the windshield chip allows you to keep the original factory seal.

Safety – Windshield repair is one way to protect your windshield from further damage. Not only can you repair cracks or splinters of rock, but you can also prevent them from growing and crumbling as you drive.

Don't ignore the chips on the windshield. This chip can damage your windshield even in a minor collision.

Cellular Service – Some of the best companies offer free cellular service that allows you to repair your car windows when you feel comfortable.

We'll meet you at your location, fix the crash, beat you up, and then let you go about your normal day without affecting your schedule.