Switch to Reusable Nappies and Save Money

Concerned about the rising costs of raising a family, parents have a surefire way to save money for their first child and even more for their next sibling by switching to reusable diapers.

Reusable bamboo baby nappies have come a long way from our grandmother's towel diapers and lapel pins. Washable diapers are now easy to use, wash and dry. They are also more reliable, with better stool retention and very little leakage.

Studies have shown that by switching to washable diapers, a family can save for their first child and even more for younger siblings because the diapers are strong enough to be reused for two or three children. When you use reusable diapers, you indirectly reduce taxes because you significantly reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills.

By switching to reusable baby wipes, families can save even more. Reusable baby wipes are easy to buy or make and can be used for many things around the house. They're obviously meant to clean your baby's bottom, but they can also be used for dirty faces, dirty hands, and bath time.

By using reusable diapers, families can significantly reduce their impact on the environment. In households with one baby, disposable diapers often generate 50% of the waste. When you consider that disposable diapers take an average of two hundred years to decompose, you can get an idea of the enormous impact.