Reasons Why You Need An Employment Lawyer

In many cases, a union representative inside the company can prove valuable. Sometimes, however, legal representation is required outside the company.

After exhausting all of your resources in-house, an employment attorney at Whitby might be the best option to help you with a situation that is protected under labor and employment laws.

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Reasons to Hire an Employment Lawyer:

1. Your employer or company is not reaching an agreement for you.

Remember this when you speak to HR. They are legally required to protect your legal rights. But, more importantly, remember that they work for the same employer you do, so their loyalty may be biased.

2. Many issues can be solved outside of court by an attorney.

Sometimes, just the mention of an attorney can make things move quicker. Your employer may not be interested in pursuing the case further, which reduces the time it takes to get things moving.

It is important to understand that the Department of Justice determines whether or not to pursue the case.

3. As I mentioned earlier, an employment attorney could save your job.

Sometimes, an employer may fire you without considering labor and employment laws. An attorney can ensure that the employer complies with all labor laws when making decisions. You might not be aware of all laws. Your employer might rush to make a decision and terminate your employment.

4. Statutes of limitations.

Limitations apply to how long a lawsuit can remain in limbo. Your employer might try to delay his decision so that the time limit is not exceeded.