Preparing For A Headshot Photography Session

So preparing for a headshot session is as easy as putting on your favourite t-shirt and letting the photographer do the magic, right? Well, sort of, but there are things you can do to make things run as smoothly as possible. You can also get more information about headshot photography online via

This may sound obvious, but a good rest will help you look your best on headshot day. Yes, you want to go to the local pub the night before and no one wants to turn down a photo board but if you got a good night's sleep, your body and camera will thank you. The camera has an amazing cat nose. 

Pay close attention to the nature of your photographer's work. Do they specialize in actor shooting? Portraits for dancers? Does their work style match your appearance and personality? Do they have a cinematic vibe that doesn't match your love of classical theatre? Finding the right photographer for you is very important.

It's also invaluable to see how long they shoot. Several photographers captured the actor's head for an hour. Others like to shoot for 3 hours and get more creative. Make sure you know how long your session will be and what to expect. This may sound obvious in the end, but check out his work on Instagram. See what they're releasing now. You will feel comfortable as a photographer.