LastSwab The Only Reusable Q Tip You Need

If LastObject isn't on your list of priorities it is time to learn about their products. They're an excellent business that is trying to save the earth by reusing their products. Their very first and the best most popular product was their lastSwab. It's a reusable Q tip that replaces that large box of Q tips now in your bathroom.

Removing products that are only used once is one of the most efficient methods to reduce the amount of waste in your household. LastSwab basic can take the first step toward having a zero waste bathroom.


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Read on to read on the reasons you should make the switch.

Why do you need swabs of cotton that are disposable:

Cotton swabs can be harmful to the environment due to many reasons.

  • First of all, it is a one-time use product. It is used for only a couple of seconds and then you send it to the dump without a second thought.
  • Second, 1.5 million cotton swabs are made daily. This is every single day. The majority of them will go to the garbage bin the moment you've used them. That's a lot of rubbish.
  • The third factor is that the process of harvesting and producing cotton is a huge amount of water and land. This results in a significant amount of carbon emissions, which can cause warming on our planet. We can cut that down and allow the land for nature and animals to thrive instead.

What is the substance that LastSwab is constructed Out of?

LastSwab is constructed from materials that are healthier for the environment. The rod is made from nylon The tips are made of TPE and the case is constructed of biodegradable corn.