Gelato – An Italian Ice Cream With The Best Flavor

Frozen treats have existed for thousands of years. These delicious frozen treats have many fascinating stories and there is still a mystery about their origins.

Gelato was initially a treat reserved for the wealthy. Gelato could not be made in large quantities and it had to be consumed within a few hours as it needed too much ice to stay frozen. The popularity of this concoction grew only after the first gelato carts were created in 1920. This invention is credited to Varese, Italy.

Frozen desserts are now more accessible to the public thanks to better methods to freeze and refrigerate foods. You can make gelato easily at home with the help of gelato ice cream equipment.


Different countries developed their own frozen desserts as the popularity of frozen treats increased. Gelato is Italian ice cream. Gelato is a frozen dessert that uses many of the same ingredients used in ice cream but has less fat and more sugar. Gelato is made with milk and not cream, which makes it less fat.

Gelato keeps from becoming ice-cream-like solids by its mixture of sugar and water. This mixture acts as an anti-freeze. It can be made in one of two ways. The hot process includes pasteurization. A cold process is popular in the United States.