Different Types of Risks in Forestry

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When it comes to risks while working in forestry, there are plenty. For instance; you can fall from a height or get injured using a chainsaw and more. Here are some of the different types of risks involved in forestry.

  1. Falling from a Height – One of the main reasons of accidents or risks involved in forestry is falling down from a height. This happens when there is manual work involved when an individual can fall on slippery surfaces like ice or snow. Moreover, the risk increases when clearing of the tree is done on slopes. There’s also the risk of falling when you are driving a vehicle on a narrow road especially at the time of turning the vehicle.
  2. Chainsaw Accidents – Around 17% of accidents happen in forestry due to the use of chainsaw. When a worker uses a chainsaw, accidents happen by getting struck by the machine or splitting of trunks and branches. Therefore, it is vital to be safe while working with such a dangerous device.
  3. Additional Reasons – There are other reasons that leads to accidents related to forestry. If it happens then you should know on how to use first aid if you or another person gets injured. Knowing about the first aid means; to keep the person alive until help arrives at the location, if corrosive substance is splashed on a person, then cleaning the eyes is important, and finally ensure care is received by the injured individual.

Along with these risks, you should also be knowing about onsite forest assessments.