Creating a Creative Video Sales Letter

The first thing to understand is why this is called a 'video sales letter' when –  as we’ll go on to explore – they aren’t really letters at all. Well, the root of the video sales letter is located in the world of direct mail – which, is extraordinary, once seemed new age and cutting edge.

Sales letters, then, basically are direct mail pieces sent to potential customers with specific purposes persuading them to buy certain products or services. They seem pretty archaic now but letters that might have been formatted would have once seemed like a supremely exciting way to drum up a new business and reach potential customers.

Make your video sales letter …

So, let's talk a little about how to make a video sales letter that works. Well, to make an exceptional video sales letter, you ought to have good company. You can also create your video sales letter at MyeVideo.

Determine the format

There are a vast number of different treatments for videos like this. If you’re working on a budget, want to keep things personal – or, indeed, personalize your content for every video you’re going to want to use a simple filming setup, perhaps even using your smartphone. Sometimes, ‘rough and ready’ is better it develops a sense of authenticity that can be important in your first impression. 

Write the script

The first step is to put pen to paper on a script. You could use a simple formula like our script document which lays out the voiceover the dialogue you want to speak on one side, and the action on-screen on the other side. This is a text description of what, roughly, will be happening on the screen. It will give you an idea of what you need to film, illustrate or create when it comes to the actual production process. 

Share and promote

Once your video’s complete, it’s time to get it out there.