Consult Towson’s Doctor To Treat Bunions Early

A bunion develops when the joint in your big toe is swelling and larger. The result is a bump on the bottom of the side of your toe which eventually makes your toe joint into a position that is not in alignment.

If your toe is constantly in alignment, it can mess up the entire function that your feet do. The tendons begin pulling in the wrong direction and your balance becomes affected. This alters your gait which could aggravate the issue and cause the bunion to worse. You can contact a doctor of bunion in Towson at

In some ways, the bunions can be hereditary. This means that if one of your parents has bunions then you’re more likely to suffer from them. They occur because the shape that your feet have is a bit off. They can become worse when you wear shoes that don’t fit well in the toes, and also when you work in positions which require you to stand up often.

In the case of bunions that are in advanced stages the pain may be almost continuous. The remedy in these cases is typically surgery. In most cases, surgery can totally correct the misalignment of the toe and resolve the issue. If you’re wearing comfortable shoes that fit well and socks, you should not experience an occurrence.