Choosing the Right Protein Supplements to Stimulate Muscle Growth

A minimum of 1-11.5 grams of protein should be consumed for every pound of bodyweight. A chicken breast has approximately 25 grams of protein, so a 200-pound man would need to consume around 8 chicken breasts per day. There are many protein supplements that you can use to help you get your daily intake.

But which one should you choose? What is better Whey protein or Hemp protein? Should you choose to get the concentrate or isolate? Although Hemp Protein isn’t as popular as other protein powders, it has many benefits and even been called the best CBD dietary supplement. Hemp protein is cold-pressed, so it doesn’t contain any chemicals. Hemp is rich in fibers and contains both Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Personally, I use Whey protein for breakfast and after a hard workout. I try to get my remaining protein from meat, fish, and pulses. If I am short on time or need to replace a meal, I will take a Calcium Caseinate shake.

After years of doing the wrong things, I went from being obese and unable run 100m to the health and fitness that I wanted. I have learned that knowledge, discipline, and application are key to achieving the results you desire. Now I want you to achieve yours.