Benefits of Using an Audio CD

One of the major benefits of using an audio CD is that it can store up to 74 minutes of music.  The audio CD also comes with several different features designed to make the listening experience more enjoyable.

For example, you can adjust the volume of the audio CD using a volume control knob on the side of your player device, whereas an mp3 file does not have this feature. You can use an audio CD as a scratch disk and create custom mixes from the music on that disc. You can also opt for Fanthorpes HiFi & British high end Hi-Fi and Audio online at

Through the use of special software, you can even make a video out of any part of an audio CD! There are many more benefits to using an audio CD in your storage needs, but you will need to ask your hardware store for help when you are making plans for how to go about

For years, the physical tangibility of CDs and their accompanying artwork was the main selling point for music lovers. The feeling of holding a physical copy of your favorite song in your hand was something special.

But times have changed, and now there are plenty of ways to enjoy high-quality digital audio without having to deal with bulky discs or tacky album art. Whether you’re an audiophile who values fidelity over all else, or you just don’t want to lug around a bunch of CDs anymore, taking advantage of digital audio downloads and streaming services is the way to go.