All About Music Marketing Promotion

There are many ways to use the internet for music marketing and the promotion of your music. Today I want to go over a couple of ways to do this. The very first thing I would like to talk about is “keywords”. These are words that people type into search engines.

The reason a lot of internet marketing fails is because people do not know how to select keywords that will align buyers with a product. Keywords such as your group name itself can be one of the many phrases you will use in order for people to find you and your music.

You have to look for certain terms such as “Hiphop Music In Houston”, this is what they call a long tail keyword, its very specific to what is being searched for and how people will find you. Now of course this is just an example of how this is done. You will have to do your own research in order to find what applies to you. You can get help from professional music marketing firms such as

But using our example for this form of music marketing promotion, and you were a hip hop artist from Houston, this term is what they would be searching for online. This would be one of the key words you would use to build your online campaign. Another way to drive traffic to your site in order to sell music is article marketing and blogs.

People view blogs and articles as a reliable source of information coming first hand from the blog owner or article writer. Its a great way to get yourself backlinks to your site from other writers and a good way to share information and increase your page ranks. Use Twitter, local press, concert data bases, official newsfeeds, and even tour books.