All About Fire And Fire Safety Engineers

The cosmic fire has existed in our universe for billions of years. Sometime after the formation of our universe, heat caused by expanding energy exposed the forming elements and gasses to millions of degrees. As our planet coalesced and cooled, the three main components of fire continued to exist. Fire as we know it today consists of a source of heat, combustible materials, and oxygen.

When the earth finally assumed an oxygen-rich atmosphere and plants began to grow on the surface, fire naturally began to burn plant matter exposed to heat from lightning, geothermal activity, and the composting of biomass. Fires started and burned out of control for millions of years, leading to the evolution of mankind. You can also browse online for more information about fire engineering services.

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When humans find fire, it is both a blessing and a curse. Fire creates light against darkness, and heat against cold, allows food to be cooked and helps keep out predators. But as the ancestors Oog and Ugg soon discovered, sleeping too close to fire has disastrous and unforeseen consequences.

A properly installed smoke alarm can alert you of an accidental start of a fire. Sprinkler systems in residential, office, or commercial buildings can help reduce fire hazards. A well-placed and rated fire extinguisher can provide a quick response to a fire.