A Guide About Action Sequences In Movies

If you are interested in action sequences then to start, just google Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd & Charlie Champlin. Watch their scenes on YouTube and see how creative these men were and how they did things in the past without all the tech and luxuries they did flawless acts.

These artists & even Action Coordinators had to exercise extreme creativity! Not only to bring the action to life but to also keep themselves alive. You can opt for action training classes if you are interested in doing action sequences in movies via https://cbtstunts.com/.

Watch and be in awe of the many things they’ve done, as they certainly paved so many paths that we all walk today.

Again, if you are an Action Filmmaker, there are No Excuses for being ignorant of Action Film Making History, that is, if this is the career path you wish to continue. 

Nor are there any excuses for not knowing the history of Stunt Sequences your film may need a ton of!  If you are working for Warner Brothers or Marvel (for example), and are going to be working for them on a new project, you must rent a bunch of movies FROM Warner Brothers or Marvel and learn as much as you can!

See their style, & try to notate the style.  Learn from such things to make better decisions and you can be sure that referencing a Studio Movie in a meeting, or an iconic scene can win you some points as they know you've done your homework and respect their position or demographic.